Meet the team

Nick Fernandes

Nick has a background in Psychology and education. He directs the running of the centre and ensures that legislative and Care Goals are reached. He also ensures that the centre remains on the cutting edge of special needs care inoovation. This includes creating tranining programmes and consulting with leaders in the field.

Cannelle De Ruig

Cannelle directs the internal workings of the center and manages the center daily. This includes communicating with clients, working through staffing issues and collaborating with joint teams in ensuring that the children receive the best care possible.

Mary Shokane

Mary is a trained nurse and serves as the operational manager at Little Gems. She ensures that daily programmes are followed, parents receive daily Whatsapp details and that a homely feel is created at Little-Gems.

Jennifer Brueton

Jennifer is an Occupational Therapist and has pursued training in MAES therapy. This therapy is mostly applied to our children with Cerebral Palsy. Jennifer visits the children at Little Gems.

Laura Cramb

Laura is a Speech Therapist who always looks for new and interesting ways of applying the knowledge in her field to help the children at Little Gems.

Jolene Van Heerden

Jolene is a Art Therapist. Art therapy and creative expression is key to the improved quality of life our children experience.